Sublime moments of silent cinema

An event of this 10th anniversary: the exceptional, epic, seven-hour film-concert of The Wheel by Abel Gance, screened in two parts. The work has been beautifully restored and will be accompanied by the National Orchestra of Lyon. Also on the program: short Chaplin movies at the Halle Tony Garnier, a tribute to Musidora, shorts by Émile Cohl and other silent films (by Pabst, Tourneur, Borzage) to discover, accompanied by live piano.

Film-concert at the Auditorium of Lyon
The Wheel – Part 1 by Abel Gance (La Roue, 1923, 3h46, STA)
The Wheel – Part 2 by Abel Gance (La Roue, 1923, 3h07, STA)
Sisif, a railwayman, takes in Norma, an orphan, after a disastrous rail accident. He raises her, but over time becomes brutal, and suffers when suitors come to court Norma... A monument of silent film, a tragic, poetic and innovative saga.
Auditorium of Lyon Sat.19 10am & Auditorium of Lyon Sun.20 10am
Chaplin at the Halle Tony Garnier
The Immigrant by Charlie Chaplin (1917, 24min)
The Floorwalker by Charlie Chaplin (1916, 28min)
The Adventurer by Charlie Chaplin (1917, 26min)
Three short films produced by the Mutual - a condensed sampling of the genius of Charlie Chaplin, at the top of his game, playing a penniless immigrant in New York, causing a commotion in a department store or in the role of a prisoner, escaping and engaged in a big chase.
Halle Tony Garnier Sun.13 3pm
Spanish Fiesta by Germaine Dulac (La Fête espagnole, 1919, fragment, 8min)
Vicenta by Musidora (1919, fragment 20min)
Soleil et ombre / Sol y sombra by Musidora and Jacques Lasseyne (1922, 43min)
Three stories of passion and jealousy under the Spanish sun... A tribute to Musidora, an icon of the 1920s, both a producer and filmmaker, with two films she directed: Soleil et ombre / Sol y sombra, and recuperated images of Vicenta, followed by eight minutes found from Spanish Fiesta by Germaine Dulac, another French pioneer.
Institut Lumière Wed.16 9:15am
Émile Cohl Program
Short films by Émile Cohl (1908-1910, 1h10)
A short film program of an inventive caricaturist, photographer and avant-garde director, Émile Cohl. Including Fantasmagorie, the first cartoon in the history of the cinema.
Villa Lumière Wed.16 9:30am  | Institut Lumière Thu.17 1pm
New Restorations
The Broken Butterfly by Maurice Tourneur (1919, 58min, STA)
An unexpected encounter shakes up the life of Marcene, a naive young woman who lives with her terrifying aunt... With this intimate melodrama, Tourneur establishes himself as a stylist of images.
Institut Lumière Wed.16 2pm | Pathé Bellecour Sat.19 2:45pm
The First Year by Frank Borzage (1926, 1h15)
The peripeties of a young couple during their first year of marriage... An adaptation of the successful play, “The First Year” by Frank Craven, a delightful and enthusiastic comedy of manners.
Institut Lumière Mon.14 11:30am
The Love of Jeanne Ney by Georg Wilhelm Pabst (Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney, 1927, 1h44)
Crimea, 1917. Andreas , a Bolshevik, is in love with Jeanne Ney, the daughter of a French diplomat. As the Revolution intensifies, Andreas kills Jeanne's father... A beautiful story of love and the Revolution, exceptionally impactful.
Cinéma Opéra Wed.16 7:15pm | Institut Lumière Fri.18 4:15pm


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