Invitation to Daniel Auteuil

An indisputable giant of French cinema, Daniel Auteuil continues the trajectory of his ultra-long career, punctuated by a multitude of awards and popular successes.  A cinema director (including film adaptations of Marcel Pagnol’s work) and a man of the theater, he will speak of his rich experience of the cinema and will introduce, as a premiere, his new film, La Belle époque by Nicolas Bedos. He will also present a musical show in homage to Paul-Jean Toulet, entitled Déjeuner en l’air.


The Well-Digger’s Daughter by Daniel Auteuil (La Fille du puisatier, 2011, 1h49, VFSTA)
Patricia, daughter of the well-digger (Daniel Auteuil) falls in love with Jacques (Nicolas Duvauchelle), who belongs to a bourgeois family. Jacques leaves for the front, while she is expecting a child... Daniel Auteuil’s first foray into the directing world, a work that does justice to the rhythm and tenderness of Pagnol.
Institut Lumière Sun.13 11am | Meyzieu Wed.16 8pm

A Heart in Winter by Claude Sautet (Un Coeur en hiver, 1992, 1h45)
Maxime, who runs the violin shop with his friend Stéphane, falls in love with Camille, a violinist. Stéphane, cold and unsettling, is getting closer to her... A passionate intrigue starring Daniel Auteuil, who is excellent between projecting apparent coldness and contained sensuality.
Bron Sun.13 6pm | Pathé Bellecour Mon.14 3pm | Lumière Fourmi Thu.17 9:45pm

My Favorite Season by André Téchiné (Ma Saison préférée, 1993, 2h07)
A brother (Daniel Auteuil) and sister (Catherine Deneuve) meet again because their mother is ill. He is lonely and lost, she is dissatisfied with her life as a mother... An intimate drama of fine and captivating sensitivity.
Lumière Bellecour Mon.14 4:15pm | Comoedia Sat.19 2:45pm

The Eighth Day by Jaco Van Dormael (Le Huitième jour, 1996, 1h58)
Georges, mentally challenged, lives in the moment, whereas Harry devotes his life to work. They meet and soon become inseparable... Daniel Auteuil and Pascal Duquenne both took home the Best Actor award in Cannes in 1996.
Lumière Terreaux Sun.13 5:30pm | UGC Confluence Mon.14 11am

Girl on the Bridge by Patrice Leconte (La Fille sur le pont, 1999, 1h30)
A Paris bridge, at night. Adèle is getting ready to jump when Gabor, a knife thrower, proposes that she become his target... A unique and sensitive film. Vanessa Paradis gives an unforgettable performance and Daniel Auteuil receives the César for Best Actor.
Comoedia Sun.13 5pm | Lumière Bellecour Tue.15 7pm

Caché by Michael Haneke (2005, 1h55, VFSTA)
Georges (Daniel Auteuil) receives anonymous videos showing him with his wife (Juliette Binoche) and their children, along with disturbing drawings... A major film, impenetrable and terrible, winner of numerous awards.
Cinéma Opéra Sun.13 8pm | Pathé Bellecour Wed.16 10pm

La Belle époque by Nicolas Bedos (2019, 1h55, VFSTA)
Thanks to the presence of Antoine (Guillaume Canet), Victor (Daniel Auteuil), a jaded sixty-something, revisits his memories and relives his youth of 1974. An expertly directed film with remarkable dialogue. Daniel Auteuil and Fanny Ardant give tremendous performances.

Meet Daniel Auteuil
Comédie Odéon Mon.14 10:45am

“Déjeuner en l’air”
Musical show in tribute to Paul-Jean Toulet by Daniel Auteuil
Institut Lumière Mon.14 7pm

Institut Lumière Sun.13 11am | Meyzieu

Wed.16 8pm

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