André Cayatte,
a filmmaker with “social courage”

André Cayatte, a lawyer-turned-director with a fondness for literature and poetry, was the genuine nonconformist craftsman of passionate films, exploring themes of revenge while fighting against censorship and the polite society of the post-war period. Contrary to claims by his critics, he tackled injustice and various social problems with unflinching "social courage," as described by André Bazin. The winner of numerous awards, he also garnered popular success with the working-class. His works starred Annie Girardot, Danielle Darrieux, Serge Reggiani, Noël Roquevert, Marina Vlady, Marcel Mouloudji, Anouk Aimée, Bernard Blier or Jacques Brel...

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Twisted Mistress by André Cayatte (La Fausse maîtresse, 1942, 1h25)
Lilian, a beautiful circus star, arrives in town, but must pretend to be the mistress of René, before the Rugby club ... A fun romantic comedy, the only one André Cayatte made, starring the lovely Danielle Darrieux.
Villa Lumière Wed.16 11:15am | Pathé Bellecour Thu.17 2:15pm

Pierre and Jean by André Cayatte (Pierre et Jean, 1943, 1h13)
Alice, unhappy in her relationship, falls in love with a doctor who comes to take care of her son, Pierre, and considers leaving with him... A sensitive film on family and love rivalry, with the excellent Noël Roquevert.
Pathé Bellecour Sun.13 11am | Lumière Bellecour Tue.15 2:15pm

The Last Penny by André Cayatte (Le Dernier sou, 1943, 1h30)
Stefani (Noël Roquevert), a cynical crook, runs a shady agency. When Pierre shows up, Marcelle (Ginette Leclerc), the secretary accomplice, recognizes her childhood friend... a fun story of schemes, dark and satirical.
Pathé Bellecour Tue.15 2pm | Institut Lumière Fri.18 2pm | Lumière Fourmi Sat.19 5pm

The Lovers of Verona by André Cayatte (Les Amants de Vérone, 1949, 1h43, VFSTA)
Italy, after 1945. On the set of “Romeo and Juliet,” Angelo (Serge Reggiani), a glassmaker, and Georgia (Anouk
Aimée), daughter of a former fascist magistrate, fall madly in love. Like in Shakespeare’s play, fate plays cruel tricks on them... The tragedy of pure love in the face of the wretched.
Comoedia Sun.13 11:15am | Pathé Bellecour Wed.16 2:15pm | Lumière Fourmi Thu.17 4:15pm

Return to Life by André Cayatte, Georges Lampin, Henri-Georges Clouzot and Jean Dréville (Retour à la vie, 1949, 2h)
The return to normal life of old prisoners and those deported, in five stories... The first sketch movie of the post-war period, including the segment directed by Cayatte (The Return of Aunt Emma, starring Jane Marken and the impeccable Bernard Blier).
Lumière Terreaux Tue.15 5:15pm | Lumière Bellecour Fri.18 5pm

Justice is Done by André Cayatte (Justice est faite, 1950, 1h47)
A group of citizens from all walks of life come together to form a jury... A socially conscious, controversial film about human behavior and the question of euthanasia. Impressive.
Villa Lumière Sat.12 8:15pm | UGC Astoria Sun.13 2:45pm | Comoedia Thu.17 2:15pm | Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon Sat.19 6pm | Pathé Bellecour Sun.20 11am

We Are All Murderers by André Cayatte (Nous sommes tous des assassins, 1952, 2h11)
René, a young offender, kills during the Resistance and continues after the war. Condemned, he awaits
his execution on death row with three other detainees... A precursor film against the death penalty,
with the exacting Marcel Mouloudji.
Institut Lumière Sat.12 10:30am | Pathé Bellecour Tue.15 10:45am | Le Méliès (Caluire) Thu.17 8:30pm | Comoedia Fri.18 2:30pm | UGC Confluence Sat.19 2pm

Before the Deluge by André Cayatte (Avant le déluge, 1954, 2h20)
In the psychosis of a new worldwide conflict, five young people decide to run away. They organize a burglary, and fall into a spiral of violence... The impactful and emotional movie, superbly directed, introduced Marina Vlady to audiences. With Bernard Blier.
Pathé Bellecour Mon.14 10:45am | Lumière Fourmi Wed.16 3:45pm | Lumière Terreaux Fri.18 5pm | Écully Sat.19 5pm | Institut Lumière Sun.20 10:30am

Black Dossier by André Cayatte (Le Dossier noir, 1955, 1h55)
A young investigating judge discovered as an adviser to his predecessor, dies suddenly, but seems to have compiled a file on the local baron... A powerful film against institutions concludes Cayatte’s judicial theme. Starring Bernard Blier and Noël Roquevert.
Villa Lumière Mon.14 2:30pm | Lumière Bellecour Tue.15 4:15pm | Comoedia Thu.17 4:45pm | Pathé Bellecour Fri.18 2:15pm

An Eye for an Eye by André Cayatte (Oeil pour œil, 1957, 1h54)
One night, near Beirut, Dr. Walter, without examining them, sends a man and his suffering wife to the hospital. The woman dies en route. A strange climate ensues, including anonymous calls, and the feeling of being followed... A drama of revenge, featuring overwhelming distress in the Lebanese desert.
Lumière Fourmi Sun.13 7pm | Lumière Fourmi Tue.15 4:45pm | Villa Lumière Sun.20 11:15am

The Mirror Has Two Faces by André Cayatte (Le Miroir à deux faces, 1958, 1h36)
Tardivet met and married Marie-José through a personal ad. Ugly and accommodating, she knows she has a mean-spirited husband, yet two children are born. One day, Dr. Bosc, a plastic surgeon, offers to make her beautiful... With the impressive Michèle Morgan and Bourvil, perfect as the spineless and jealous husband.
Villa Lumière Mon.14 6:45pm | Comoedia Tue.15 10:45am | Cinéma Saint-Denis Sat.19 2:30pm

The Crossing of the Rhine by André Cayatte (Le Passage du Rhin, 1960, 2h05)
Juin 1940. Roger, a baker, primed for action, and Jean, a committed journalist, are prisoners in Germany. Jean wants to escape and fight, while Roger stays behind. An exploration of French-German relations and responsibility during a difficult era. The film won the Golden Lion in Venice. With an excellent Charles Aznavour.
Lumière Bellecour Wed.16 7pm | Comoedia Sun.20 11:15am

A Trap for Cinderella by André Cayatte (Piège pour Cendrillon, 1965, 1h55)
A young girl suffering from amnesia after a fire is trying to reconstruct her past... Based on a true story, André Cayatte creates a tale of dark and agonizing suspense. A great rarity.
Institut Lumière Mon.14 4:30pm | Lumière Fourmi Fri.18 5:30pm | Pathé Bellecour Sat.19 11am

Risky Business by André Cayatte (Les Risques du métier, 1967, 1h45)
A girl accuses her teacher, Mr. Doucet, of attempted rape. The Doucet couple are well-liked, but the testimonials accumulate... With Jacques Brel and Emmanuelle Riva, remarkable in this daring film on the taboo of pedophilia.
Pathé Bellecour Wed.16 11am | Bron Thu.17 2:30pm | UGC Astoria Sun.20 2:30pm

To Die of Love by André Cayatte (Mourir d’aimer, 1971, 1h53)
A professor in her thirties and her 17-year-old student fall in love. The parents of the boy file a lawsuit... A
poignant drama inspired by a true story that received critical acclaim upon its release. Featuring the overwhelming talent of Annie Girardot.
Villa Lumière Sun.13 5pm | Comoedia Mon.14 10:45am | Cinéma Bellecombe Wed.16 8:30pm | Lumière Terreaux Fri.18 11am


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