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Marceau Eyriey: “Our team has a super atmosphere!”



His favorite director? Francis Ford Coppola. His number one film? Apocalypse Now. His idol? Marlon Brando. Marceau Eyriey, 19 years old, would have not missed this edition of the 2019 Lumière festival for anything in the world.

Marceau Eyriey Benevole Laura Lepine
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Specially making the trip from Reunion Island for the occasion, the young man is wearing his volunteer outfit for the second year in a row. Working in the Village boutique section, helping decorate the Halle Tony Garnier for the opening ceremony, welcoming the public - he is on all fronts. "I love to discover the behind the scenes of this event. What’s more, our team has a great atmosphere!” he exclaims. An absolute fan of the Lumière Award laureate 2019, Marceau has already planned to attend The Godfather all-nighter, wearing his “Godfather" t-shirt, and will applaud his favorite filmmaker during the remake of the famous "Leaving the Factory." Freshly having obtained his high school baccalaureate in literature, the Reunionese plans to register at a film school in the fall to become a screenwriter. He will then need to choose between his hometown and the birthplace of cinema… "I think Lyon would be perfect to be in the major leagues!” says the young man. Studying the cinema in Lyon? It sounds a bit like "an offer he can’t refuse," as a certain Vito Corleone would say!

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