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Frances Mc Dormand




Her débuts

"When I started shooting Blood Simple, I didn’t know what it was like to be an actress. I had been trained in the theater, so I over-acted a lot. For me, this film was like going to school. Later, making Mississippi Burning, I learned to develop other facets of my performance and to use my body in a more subtle way."


Les Frères Coen

« Ils ont deux cerveaux qu'ils fusionnent en un seul lorsqu'ils travaillent ensemble.Depuis leurs débuts, il y a 35 ans, ils ont mis en place une sorte de chorégraphie, de dansequ'ils connaissent par cœur et savent exécuter à la perfection pour chaque étape de la réalisation, sans même avoir à se parler. Ethan, c'est le littéraire et Joel, c'est le visuel. Il est impossible de les séparer, croyez-moi ! »


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"I see this film as a real family film. Joel and I were waiting for the arrival of a child we were adopting while shooting the last scenes." In the movie, Marge Gunderson, the pregnant policewoman I play, and Norm, her husband, are about to welcome a child. ‘Two more months,’ he says, as they lie on their bed in front of the television. And well, just like the film, two months later, Joel and I learned that the adoption was confirmed. Joel has given me some great roles, but the most wonderful one was this role of a mom."

The place of women in cinema

‘Women don’t have the right to make mistakes. In general, their career is over if they fail once, which is not the case with men. The situation is the same for people of color or minorities. From now on, the people in power must decide to give people more leeway to make errors. And if we were to change things? Unfortunately, I’m not in politics, I’m just an actress.”


 Benoit Pavan

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