Marco Bellocchio

« I never made realistic films »




During his master class, Marco Bellocchio discussed, with humility, his cinema methodology.

A moderate work

"I am a non-violent anarchist, a moderate revolutionary. I have sometimes made mistakes, but I was always aware of what was going through my head, never paying attention to the consistency of my work. I am against the authority of elders, but I am against violence. I am against terrorism and those who kill in the name of a symbol."

The power of cinema

"When I started out, we were all convinced that cinema could change things. But I realize that it was a little naive to think it could be a weapon. There was, however, a period in Italian cinema where all the films were in opposition to the ruling power, to Christian democracy. Then, from the moment the left came to power, everyone turned toward a very personal, less political path. Today, there is no longer a compact front."

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"I have always felt a great rage against those who impose their law. The figure of authority is necessary, but not obedience at all costs. I have never been a victim of violence, but I reject such attitudes.”

The real

"I am not a historian and I don’t make films to stay true to reality. I have never made realistic films. Sometimes, images that are not in my screenplays come to me and I then make small corrections. I like to bring attention to things in a provocative way, off the beaten track."


"I never judge my characters, but there are indefensible characters. Berlusconi is one of them. I wanted to make a film about him a few years ago, but this desire quickly passed. His fortune made me never feel sorry for him. And the hatred I had towards him ceased inhabiting me. Nobody in Italy is scandalized by Berlusconi anymore."


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Interviewed by Benoit Pavan

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