Leaving the Lumière Factory:

Coppola films with The Rain People!




Lumière Award recipient 2019, Francis Ford Coppola directed the remake of the first film in the history of cinema, Leaving the Lumière Factory. With his own camera, in 35mm and in black and white, if you please! Eighty actors, two bikes, two scooters and two dogs participated in this rainy, but happy, shoot.

"Who is the best scooter rider?” This is certainly the first time Francis Ford Coppola has asked this question a few minutes before shooting. But it is also the first time that the American filmmaker is embarking on the remake of the first movie in the history of cinema, Leaving the Lumière Factory. In the Hangar du Premier-Film, nearly eighty-five actors were waiting for instructions from Master Coppola. “Welcome and thank you for being part of the cast of this film." Announced from the top of the stairs of the theater, the Lumière Award laureate 2019 reveals the scenario of the film: "You’ve been working for ten hours at the factory on machines, so you’re waiting for one thing: to go home! So, when you hear ‘Action!’ it’s the best news of the day.” Gael Garcia Bernal, Marina Vlady, Laurent Gerra, Michèle Laroque, Ludivine Sagnier, Laurent Laffite, Vincent Lindon, Amira Casar, Aure Atika, Alain Chabat and Bérénice Béjo among others, are the actors for Leaving the Lumière Factory, version Coppola! A five-star cast. A great way for the actor-director to conclude his first participation in the festival: "It was an honor to participate in this event, in the very place where the cinema was invented, with this incredible audience!” he exclaims a few minutes before riding a bicycle for the remake. 


Actuzen Sortie UsineCopyright Institut Lumière - Sandrine Thesillat / Jean-Luc Mège

Before the first take, the actors are invited to leave the Hangar in a specific order established by Coppola: "the people born from January to June, you will leave on the left and the others on the right." "Francis asks people born in April to go straight ahead and look at the camera," adds Thierry Frémaux. "The movie is being filmed in 2019, so you can use your smartphones if you wish. The most important thing is that you express your joy at when you exit the Hangar. Live the moment with your natural reactions.” “Good luck and enjoy!” yells Coppola before the famous “Action!” And we’re off for take one: Michèle Laroque on a mountain bike gets the ball of the festivities rolling, accompanied by Ludivine Sagnier on a scooter. A few meters away, Lucien Jean-Baptiste speeds down on a white Vespa, in the role of "best scooter rider" awarded by Coppola. A few minutes later, the three versions of the remake are screened in the theater of the Hangar du Premier-Film. Applause from the whole film crew of the day. "Thank you to all those born between January and June... And to the others!" concludes Coppola, before unveiling his plaque on the filmmakers' wall. A gift from Lyon for this golden filmmaker!


Laura Lépine

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