Ciné Fair

A weekend to treasure hunt!




As tradition dictates, the Ciné Fair of the festival will be set up this weekend on the Rue du Premier-Film. Video cameras, posters of cult movies, DVD box sets, books: with over a hundred exhibitors, you’re sure to find as many treasures!

It’s also a great chance to discover the secrets of the cinema at workshops for the whole family. Or play the experts by conducting an investigation on the Lumière Brothers! Below, a little selection of gems for all budgets at this year’s Ciné Fair.


Bricante ClapUnder 10 Euros

Lights! Camera! Action! Cut!

Play the budding film director with the famous movie clapboard. Title, scene, take number: you can even personalize the object by writing in the title of your movie. For bigger budgets, there is also the digital version of the clapboard. A great way to extend enjoyment of the festival, even after the final “cut”!

Price : 4,95 euros



Brocante AfficheUnder 30 Euros

The Sicilian clan

How about taking home a little souvenir to remember The Godfather All-Nighter? Al Pacino, aka Michael Corleone, or Brando as the ruthless clan patriarch - it will be difficult to choose between the posters of the cult saga. And how about buying one to celebrate each film of the trilogy? Perhaps “an offer you can’t refuse.”

Price : 25 euros



Brocante Affiche 50 EurosUnder 50 euros

More of the Tramp


Did the Chaplin film-concert at the Halle Tony Garnier whet your appetite? Young and old alike will be delighted to find the genius Chaplin in a box set of films that have become classics: The Kid, The Great Dictator, Modern Times. Gems that have not aged a bit! 

Price: 40 euros




Under 300 euros

Quiet on set!

A 16 mm camera, Super 8, film reels or projectors can naturally be found at the Ciné Fair for collectors, tech aficionados and gift searchers. Treat yourself to a priceless last find a few hours before the festival wraps up. 

Price : 220 euros



Practical info:
Ciné Fair: Saturday, October 19 from 11 am to 7 pm and Sunday, October 20 from 9 am to 6 pm, rue du Premier-Film (Lyon 8th). Four locations: Premier-Film High School, Lumière Nursery School, Lumière Elementary School and the International Classic Film Market (MIFC). 
Free entry.
Workshops on the origins and secrets of cinema on Saturday, October 19 at 2 pm and 4 pm. Meet at the Lumière High School, 14 rue du Premier-Film. For the Lumière Brothers investigation activity, booklets will be distributed at the entrance.


Laura Lépine


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