Chaplin and Lucien Jean-Baptiste give a delightful treat to the children of

The Léon Bérard Center




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« Charlie is with you and so am I! »

With boundless energy and contagious good humor on Thursday, actor-director Lucien Jean-Baptiste introduced the trilogy "Charlot!” to the young patients at the Léon Bérard Center. The screening was organized in partnership with the association Rêve de Cinéma, which provides film screenings in hospitals throughout France. Among the first-time viewers, Inès, 6, accompanied by her mother Nadège, was about to discover the face of Charlie Chaplin. Members of the Institute of Hematology and Pediatric Oncology (IHOPe) and Rêve de Cinéma had planned everything to treat young patients, including a small snack, candy packets and fruit juice, not to mention the great program of shorts. "The Immigrant, The Floorwalker and The Adventurer,” compose a funny and poetic triplet of films, as recalled by Lucien Jean-Baptiste: "I always show Chaplin films to my children. All his films are alive with humanity and tenderness; he was someone who always made sure he helped others." Even if they are already familiar with these classics, Lucas, 17, and his mom, Régine, are eager to rediscover them, especially after this hearing this message full of hope and strength, given by the director of La Première Etoile (Meet the Elisabethz). A five-star guest!


Laura Lépine.

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